Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Primer On Catastrophic Injuries For Victims And Their Families

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Catastrophic injuries are always very serious in nature. Severe injuries to the spinal cord or brain are categorized as catastrophic. When the skull sustains heavy damage, it can also be called catastrophic.

Catastrophic injuries lead to one of three results: the victim’s death, the victim’s disability (which is oftentimes permanent), head or neck trauma (which is also oftentimes permanent). It is important to note that deaths may occur directly or indirectly because of this type of injury.

Though a lot of catastrophic injuries happen in sports, they can also occur through motor accidents, unsafe working conditions, and everyday slips or falls. Employers, motorists, building contractors and engineers, even landlords, could be held liable for catastrophic injuries befalling citizens.

There are also times when these types of injuries arise from the gross negligence of people providing healthcare. For instance, expecting mothers could be given the wrong medication, or subjected to erroneous procedures. The results are tragic and they affect both mothers and their children.

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One of the more agonizing realizations people have after they or their loved ones suffer a catastrophic injury is the requirement of long-term, intensive care. The expenses are no laughing matter. After a catastrophic event, the lives of entire families change. Houses and other valuable belongings are sold, jobs are left behind, and more life-altering adjustments are made.

It is of legal importance to remember that the expenses for the therapy and recovery of victims of catastrophic injuries should be shouldered by those who caused the injury in the first place.

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